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How to Play Crystal Collapse Game

Tap or click clusters of similarly colored crystals to clear them from the board to get started.

To win, a player must make strategic matches to clear away obstacles like logs, leaves, and bubbles in as few moves as possible.

Here’s how to remove obstacles in Arkadium’s Crystal Collapse game:

  • To clear away logs, make a match next to them on the board and watch them disappear.
  • To get rid of leaves, match adjacent crystals.
  • If you see a bubble on your board, make a match with a crystal inside it and watch it disappear.

Create Helpful Powers:

While playing, it’s best to search for series of similarly colored crystals. When you match 5 or more of them, you can create powers that will make your matches more impactful. There are three special powers that can be activated — start scoring high points and watch as exciting bursts of light fill your screen and blast away crystals on your board.

Here's how to activate the three powers in Crystal Collapse:

  • The North Star: To create this power, match 5 or 6 crystals. Use the North Star power to blast away crystals in either a horizontal or vertical direction.
  • The Bear Paw: Make a match with 7 or 8 crystals to create the Bear Paw power. Use it to clear away a 3x3 group of crystals on your board.
  • The Bird: To create this power, match 9 or more crystals. When you use the Bird power, it will clear away any crystals of the same color on your board.
  • Activate Powerful Combos:

    You can make The North Star, The Bear Paw, and The Bird even more effective by matching adjacent powers. This will activate super explosive combos that will remove obstacles and matches from your board.

    Complete Missions:

    Check the left side of your screen for new missions. As you complete missions, you’ll earn rewards that will help you in the game. These rewards include:

    • Helpful glowing white fireballs that will clear random obstacles for you while you play
    • Extra moves that will allow you to get further in the game — when you’re out of moves, the game is over

    The more missions you complete, the more levels you’ll reach in Crystal Collapse.

    For a fun and brain-teasing way to spend your time, start challenging yourself today with Arkadium’s free Crystal collapse game. Play online anywhere, any time — no download required!

About Crystal Collapse Game

Match crystals, create exciting powers, and challenge yourself to achieve new goals at every level in this enchanting collapse-style online matching game. Take a break and transport yourself to a world full of vibrant crystals inspired by the colors of the northern lights. Reach new heights of fun as you progress to new levels and complete challenging missions in this colorful Crystal pattern matching game.

Put your skills to the test and get in on the action with Arkadium’s Crystal matching game online. To get started, tap or click similarly colored crystals to make a match. When you match 5 or more crystals, you will create radiant powers like the North Star, Bear Paw, and Bird — these powers have unique qualities that will help you clear obstacles and crystals. When you match adjacent powers, you’ll activate luminous obstacles and crystal clearing combos.

Sit back, relax, and cozy up under the northern lights with Arkadium’s Crystal Collapse game.