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Free Brain Games Online

It's not all just fun and games here! Studies have shown that many casual games have powerful cognitive them brain games, if you will! Depending on the game, these range from - but are not limited to - strategic thinking, better memory, quantitative skills, and increased vocabulary. Whether you're racking your brains for that crossword puzzle hint, or placing numbers for a sudoku grid, brain games can help enhance your mind and keep it sharp throughout the years.

Many of our fun brain games provide the option to choose your difficulty level, so it's safe to say we've got brain games for adults, brain games for kids, and everyone in between!

Who said taking care of your brain had to be boring? Take a break, have some fun, and keep your mind sharp all at the same brain games online, right here at Arkadium!

Fun Facts about Brain Games:

  • Crossword puzzles and Sudoku, one of the most popular types of brain games, have been shown in studies to help with memory and cognitive ability in later life.
  • Brain games are often used in early education to help children develop problem-solving, logical skills.
  • Certain types of casual games, like brain games, were proven in a study to be just as effective as guided meditation in providing stress relief and mental balance.