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  • Daily Games

Do you like to play games that offer new content each day? Then daily games are for you! Whether you enjoy daily crosswords, daily solitaire, daily sudoku, or daily jigsaws, Arkadium has a free daily game for every fan. Playing a game a day has been shown to help improve memory and mood. So, what are you waiting for? Unwind with your favorite daily game today and tomorrow!

Fun facts about Daily Games:

  • Daily games are some of the most-played games on because most players enjoy playing each day's new puzzle or deck
  • The free daily games on are inspired by classic paper and pencil games found in print newspapers
  • Daily crosswords and daily solitaire games are some of the most popular Arkadium games and feature years worth of puzzles and decks that have never been played before
  • Most daily games get more challenging as the week goes on; for example, a Monday game is the easiest, and a Sunday game is the most challenging